Writing and recording your travel moments can sometimes lead you to forget what’s good in your own backyard. My backyard currently sits facing Osaka, Japan but I always consider London to be my permanent home.

I’m meeting a friend to talk about good places to eat in London today. I know – you must think I’m crazy to think there’s any good food available in England, but you’re wrong. Food in England can at times be the best the world has to offer! Today, I’m going to post about a little fish & chips gem called Fishcotheque.

The Best Fish ‘n’ Chips to Enter Your Body

Nestled under a bridge that carries trains in and out of Waterloo Station lies a very small chippie. You could smell the perfect mix of oil, potatoes, and malt vinegar wafting out of the vents. The menu offers all of the usual British delicacies (yes, delicacies thank you!!) such as the class fish and chips, to scampi and battered sausages.

I ordered the battered sausage and chips since I’m not keen on cod. The sausage was a perfect, soft, moist sausage with a lovely sausage-y taste. The chips were large and long, not too hard nor soft, and certainly not soggy. Slightly crispy and golden brown. I douse it with malt vinegar and the mixture of the oil and the vinegar slightly burns my nose in a tingling way.

The meals are decently priced – average £5-6, no more than £10 last time I went. Sure it’s incredibly unhealthy and you’ll need to take out a second gym membership to burn off those calories. But to get good chips in London, this is the place to go.

Robert Kodama

Fishcotheque Website

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