RSD Julien

Dear Points of View,

It’s really sad to see this video making its rounds on Facebook. There are not a lot of foreign people living in Japan when compared to many other countries such as the UK, but it seems that Japan is opening up to foreign nationals living here with easing of immigration laws and wider acceptance of foreign people and cultures. However, as it’s a country that doesn’t currently have a high population of foreign nationals, these behaviours may impact on how immigration is treated in the future.

This video highlights a minority of people living in Japan who truly believe this here. I remember when I first came, a bunch of guys were saying the exact same things as he is, and it’s such a shame. They proceeded to go to clubs and bars in search for girls in such derogatory manners. It’s sad to think that this is how some people think of Japanese people – that they are so easy and that it’s OK to harass them. It’s part of the culture to be polite to each other and this appears to be misconceived to guys like Julien. To be honest, since Japanese men don’t usually behave in such a manner, some of the women in the video were possibly speechless in shock. It was particularly difficult to see the lady at the end of the video working in a convenience store, and being quite obviously uncomfortable with the situation while Julien proceeds to put his tongue wherever he pleased. A lot of people who work in these part time jobs are high school students who are underage. If this is true, we also seem to have evidence of him sexually harassing underage women.

It was quite unbelievable to find that he is doing tours around the world and making money from providing these “lectures”. There are other people in deserving positions for jobs and yet they’re not getting any work. Instead, this pays the bills? Rather unfair…

A quick Google search on him revealed a Twitter post from his account that read “Tokyo… 2 weeks away!!!”. A lot of people have responded quite strongly to his Twitter post. If he is coming over to pick up women, no doubt he’ll head to Roppongi and Shibuya areas. I hope everyone there can be alert and try to stop this man from physically harassing people on the street with his unfortunate tactics.

It is an outright shame to hear many other guys such as Julien believing that women in Japan, and even other Asian countries are easy just because the guys are ignorant of the cultural differences. As a result, the differences are misunderstood to be “easy”. It’s not just Japan that seems to get this unfortunate misrepresentation, but so do other countries in Asia. It’s not just guys, but I’ve also heard a number of foreign women saying similarly derogatory comments about Japanese men – how they are incredibly feminine, easy to get, highly unappealing etc.

Living here, I only wish this would stop.

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