All this Julien malarkey

Re: All this Julien malarkey… ENOUGH

I understand that a lot of people watch this video and look at it as a starting point to address the issue of men sexually harassing women. Though this is completely valid and true, it’s also a starting point to address the issue on how people in Japan and other Asian countries are treated by minority foreign communities. The behaviour Julien exhibits in the video is very common amongst both foreign men and women in Japan, and the behaviour is unjustly complimented with horrid comments about Japanese men, women, and culture.

A number of people think it’s ok now that they’re in Japan to be overtly racist and sexist here – and it all appears to be accepted in a minority of foreign communities. I am now fed up of this attitude from a number of people living here and I’m only sorry that this stupid Julien guy has finally made me talk out on this topic. Being half Japanese, I do get offended when someone foreign comes up to me and says something derogatory about men in Japan and/or women, and the culture – thinking that as I’m originally from the UK, I’ll laugh along. I hate all the derogatory Facebook posts I’ve seen recently and in the past too.

This Julien video makes it look like it’s a sexist thing, but living in Japan has made me see that it’s more of a RACIAL thing that includes harassment to both sexes from both sexes. STOP

I’m tired of typing at the moment but it’s clear that a lot of people are focusing on this one guy and his video which shows overt sexual harassment, but it’s important to know that while it’s a disgrace, it is only a starting point to the bigger picture here in Japan. Due to cultural differences, some foreign communities here adopt this mentality that it’s now ok to make racially and sexually explicit comments and actions, which are seen by BOTH sexes to BOTH sexes. There this common phrase “Oh Japan” uttered amongst a number of people here too when something is unusual or different to something back in western countries. It’s often used in a derogatory fashion and comments negatively on Japanese people and culture. I also emphasised the BOTH sexes part too because too often do I hear foreign women here commenting and acting on Japanese men here too. A lot of comments include how feminine men here are, the passiveness of men, and a lot on their physical appearance as being strongly unappealing.

I think the key here is to think about your comments and actions. If it is unacceptable in reference to a different race in the world, then what makes it acceptable in Japan? Why would it be acceptable to call Japanese men “fucking ugly, never polite, incredibly feminine” but unacceptable if one were to use the same words in reference to other races? Double standards.

A small number have commented how perhaps I’ve come off topic on this Julien video guy, but being so focused on this one guy isn’t going to solve anything. Using it as a starting point to address a bigger issue will hopefully make some difference, even if it only changes the mind of one person. By all means fighting against men harassing women is essential as it is a huge problem across the world, but so is the racist behaviour depicted in some foreign communities as well as women harassing men which is hardly talked about but is very real.

Time to start accepting people instead of alienating them and we would all have more friends in return. How daft!

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