Traveling the World in Osaka

I’m sitting on the grass right at this moment, listening to a coffeehouse playlist on Spotify, and watching the sun set as a plane flies across the setting sun. I’ve just travelled the world for the price of a bus ticket.
Tsurumi Ryokuchi park held a world expo event many years back, and so the countries involved left gifts that reflect a part of their culture at this park. Typical gifts include samples of typical architecture, statues, and monuments. I walked around the peaceful park, visiting different countries along the way. Some of the more impressive gifts were the Korean temple, the Chinese district (though it has been cordoned off), and the Nepalese building. Less impressive were the French garden, the British monument, and the Irish bunker.
This park attracts a lot of Cosplayers looking to do photoshoots due to the ease of changing locations merely a short walk away. If this is your kind of thing, this is certainly the place for you.
I personally like this park for the size. It is rare to find large parks with fields that are free in Japan, so coming here is like having a short retreat away from the city. I miss that convenience of finding nature in the heart of London, so this is a good alternative. It’s a great place to chill, detox, destress, and enjoy a park with nice views of Osaka.


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The closest subway station is Tsurumi Ryokuchi station on the Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi line.

Regular city buses from Osaka station can take you to the park in an hour. Take the bus 36 to Yokozutsumi station. It’s a 10 minute walk from there.

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