Running Down a Mountain in HK

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, hiking is probably the last thing to pop up into someone’s mind. Skyscrapers, shopping, and restaurants are probably some of the more popular ideas that come to mind. However, having frequented Hong Kong a few times before, something different was in order.

Google Maps helped me tremendously this time in finding an appropriate route to Aberdeen. I took a public light minibus from Causeway Bay and thundered past all other mediums of transport to arrive in Aberdeen in no less than 15 minutes. The area itself is nice – a smaller and calmer version of Causeway Bay without famous brands and department stores.
From here, the port is a short walk across a bridge and here is where you can get a ferry to Lamma Island. The ride in itself was peaceful though at times the water was choppy and I did wonder whether this double decker of wood would survive but alas I’m not writing from beyond the grave!

On arrival, the number of restaurants serving fresh seafood did seem highly appealing, but with prices averaging around HK$150-200, I decided to pass. I took the only route available which was a pleasant walk with some ups and downs, until eventually I found a side path which led upwards. I went up a while and saw what was in front of me. It didn’t look too high but it was a long and winding path.

The hike in itself was pleasant, but I wish I had planned it better (which would’ve been tricky and I didn’t envisage hiking). I would’ve replaced my jeans, brought water, and timed it better. The view of the island itself felt as if I was looking down on a tropical island. Long beaches could be seen in the distance, with the sun glistening on the ocean water. Once I reached the summit in scorching November heat, I saw the pier below. I realised I had to get back down, and fast. I checked the time and realised I only had 20 minutes left before the boat left. I ran down the mountain, avoiding a stray dog, and made it back with a few minutes to spare.


Ferries depart regularly from Aberdeen every day. Octopus cards can be used, and the fare varies from HK$9-15 depending on the day and time.

There are many buses that take you to Aberdeen on Hong Kong island, but the public light minibus was a cheap and fast way of getting there. Take the minibus 4C which departs every few minutes behind the Sogo department store in Causeway Bay.


There appears to be no facilities on the island except for seafood restaurants and toilets. The nearest place to stay would be Aberdeen.

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