Plunging into Pitch Black

This really is experiencing island life. A monsoon hit Boracay this evening and swept the whole island. The monsoon type weather lasted for a couple of hours and then stopped. So did all of the power along with it. I am sat in pitch black dark with this iPad as the only source of light in my room. Outside, the emergency generators provide a little light for the corridors and the staff have put out some candles. It’s amazing how quick the weather turned from a beautiful sunny afternoon to something that wipes the island clean of power. I remember power cuts back in London but they were never quite like this – so dark. I remember the excuses too: “Maintenance work”, “Roadworks”, etc. etc. etc. Here? Destructive weather into pitch black. It also goes to show how different each country is prepared for such weather. Japan is one of the most hit regions in the world for typhoons, and quite severe ones too. Yet, power never seems to die. Some cables may come down in certain areas but they appear to be ready for the worst most of the time. The weather today in Boracay hasn’t been too destructive, despite my earlier claims, but in comparison to ones I’ve experienced in Japan anyway. It’s quite something to be plunged into darkness on a small island. I can only see a few buildings out of my window with emergency generators providing a little bit of light. Some have switched on their torches and the light emanating from those torches dance in the dark, frantically searching for something.

I guess this means I should switch off my iPad and plunge myself into the dark too…

Night – quite literally.

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