Bosu Book Street

Bosu book street is a small street tucked away from busy Nampodong in the heart of Busan. Most of the small stores are so full of books, you won’t be able to see the walls – it’ll appear as if the building is made of books. Most of them sell second hand Korean books, but one sells books in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. It mostly sold classics such as Charles Dickens and Shakespeare, but also stocked a range of modern books too. The piles of books stood taller than I, and surrounded me which made it difficult to move. Books range in price but are cheap.

On the top of the street, I took a rest at a small café. I had a pretty good pot of Afternoon Tea and he was kind enough to give me a free refill. The atmosphere is great – he had a stack of old books and vinyls all over the café, and a small piano which didn’t work. There was free Wi-Fi too which was helpful. I stayed there for hours cashing in on the free refills and internet whilst reading from my Kindle – something I haven’t done in a very long time. Before long, I realised the time and dashed out.

A paradise for book and café lovers alike.


Bus 40 from Busan Station
Walking distance from Nampodong

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