A Malay Christmas

I suppose the title might be a little misleading, as it was just a Christmas that me and a friend spent in Malaysia. However, having a Christmas away from England again was quite refreshing.

There were some decorations scattered around stores in Penang and a Christmas countdown in Komtar, central Penang. Our Christmas started here as we watched a band trying to fill excess time before midnight by unsuccessfully bantering and repeating verses of songs numerous times. The biggest fail was they ended up missing midnight all together and did the countdown several minutes into Christmas Day.

Once the crowd dispersed incredibly quickly, we headed to Seventy – a nice gay bar with a good atmosphere. The place was buzzing with a party atmosphere and some of the drinks flowed. A guy I nicknamed “Creepy Guy” stared at me for the duration of the night with a smile that fellow psychotic murderers can only exhibit. Christmas Eve done.

As we had finished the Red Velvet cake on Christmas Eve by mistake, the morning and afternoon of Christmas Day was devoted into finding a replacement cake. M&S was far too expensive but a supermarket nearby had a range of cakes for +/-RM10. After careful consideration, and ogling at Waitrose products nearby, we settled for a banana and walnut chocolate cake. Splendid. We rushed home and stuffed our faces whilst watching Gordon Ramsay swear at his daughter on TV (well, the swearing was probably added in in my head). After consuming the cake and a few more ciders, we headed to a bar to play ultimate jenga, made friends with a lovely girl from the area, and sang our hearts out back at Seventy7.

A successful, non-traditional Christmas in Malaysia.

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