Eating Penang

It was the first time for me to go to Penang, and I didn’t know quite what to expect. I have heard that it’s the best place to eat your days away on the cheap, and those voices weren’t wrong. In fact, I can’t remember doing much other than eating and drinking for four days with my friend. From various roti dishes to Chinese food, I was stuffed!

Price start from RM1 for a dish and can be quite small. But this gives you ample chance to try a huge range of dishes without forking over a lot of money. Some places are 24hrs (24JAM), and there’s one Chinese hawker that stands out near the ferry port for having a stage in the middle with performances late into the night.

As for the drinking… Well, I don’t drink much but a short trip to Tesco Extra led us to a Red Velvet cake on sale at RM3.50, and boxes of cider on special offer. We couldn’t resist so we bought them and tried to save the celebratory drinks and cake for Christmas Day but failed, so we bought another cake.

Food and drinks are excellent in quality, incredibly cheap, and available anytime. If you want to eat your way through Malaysia, Penang should be a priority.

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