1237 Steps

I made it. 1237 steps doesn’t seem like a lot. In fact, I thought that it would be a piece of piss but even though I drank a lot of water, I couldn’t take a piss for the sheer fact that I had sweated everything out. Some of the steps were steep up to my knees and the humid weather made each step feel like a mountain. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera as thunderstorms were predicted for the day but in actual fact, it’s quite sunny.

The views from the top to the countryside are breathtaking. Green Thailand can be seen far into the horizon in one direction, and sharp rocky mountains in another. It’s essentially a scene from Avatar. I found a peaceful corner away from the tourists and the sun, and let the breeze and the view allow me to find some peace within myself. I’m still here as I write this, and am not sure how long I’ve been here. Thailand can be a source of great stress with the touts attempting to charge double from tourists, to inconsiderate tourists themselves. Yet, with places like this mountain top temple combined with Thai massages (with or without the infamous happy endings), it’s also a source of calm.


Use a red songthaew and ask for Tiger Caves. Most will say that they can take you asap for 100-200 Baht but you can get to the end of a road which you can walk up for 20 minutes if you pay 20 Baht.

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