Becoming Indiana Jones

There is a small forest park located just at the back of Wat Tham Sui in Krabi. Whilst most people climb the famous 1237 steps to the top of the mountain, they tend to leave it at that. This makes the forest a great addition as there will be less people.

There was a staircase that lead up, over, and down into the forest. A short walk in reveals some of the monk’s houses built around or wedged into the mountains. Electricity runs into their homes and their communal kitchen outside is well equipped, including a rice cooker. I kept pressing forward to find a set of large caves, bigger than the popular Tiger Caves. One of these caves enclosed another Buddha statute dimly lit by the lights attached to the ceiling. The path then becomes difficult to follow, giving an impression of trekking though remote, deep jungles of Thailand. I must say, it felt a little rather like I was an adventurous explorer – perhaps like Indiana Jones. Anyway, putting aside that fantasy, I trekked through the forest whilst desperately trying to follow the path. The forest became thick and humid, and eventually I was greeted by a tree aptly named as Big Tree. And it was big. Very big. Moving on, I avoided some puddles and various insects in the hope of avoiding their bites and stings to return back to the main path.

It’s free to walk through the forest and gives you a glimpse of Indiana Jones’ life. I recommend it if you visit the temple.


Use a red songthaew from heaven to Tiger Caves. Most will try to get you to pay 100-200 Baht for a direct ride but note that you can reach a walkable distance for 20 Baht.

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