Drinking Tea and Gossiping Neighbours

A friend and I recently went in search for a classic English tea room in the heart of Osaka. This initially didn’t sound too easy but alas, the love of European dreams led a number of such tea rooms to pop up all around town. We decided to pop in to Kitahama Retro, a darling of a tea room based by the river in the Kitahama area.

The dainty building mimics an old British building, down to the Royal Mail postbox nesting by the door. It looks like a toy nestled in amongst the skyscraper bullies that surround it. We were ushered upstairs only to be seated at a large table with other guests. The place was far too busy and only these seats were available for us. Tut tut indeed. We both ordered the scone set. My friend opted for plain scones accompanied with Darjeeling tea, and to his delight, I ordered the cinnamon sugar scone accompanied with Uva tea. Whilst sipping our British teas and dolloping jam and cream all over our scones, we discussed the political climate Britain currently faces by looking at the infamous bacon sandwich photograph of Ed Miliband, leader of the opposition, and detailing our letters to the council about our pesky neighbours who keep peering over our garden fence. The conversation also took a lighter tone when I mentioned that I had recently purchased a lavender plant for my balcony which started to smell quite lovely indeed.  

Authentic British Toilet

Prices for various sets don’t come cheap. They can range from ¥1500 – ¥2000 for the cheaper lot. Having said that, this was a unique experience and quite authentic too. The beverages were a delight and the scones scrumptious. They even had all of the details down to an old English building, including the marvellous bathroom. Worth a shot if you’re missing that feeling of being posh whilst living in Osaka.

Getting There

Click here to check the location on Google Maps

Nearest station is Kitahama Station on the Sakaisuji Subway Line and the Keihan Line

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