Vegan Reevaluation

I’ve tried a full vegan diet for the past few months and recently I’ve decided to do some reevaluation on the idea… Here’s what I thought.


Over the past few months, I’ve come to the comfortable realisation that the concept of eating animal products is not what I’m concerned about, but the modern process of producing it is what I disagree with. The industry is what it is to meet a huge demand of animal products. It’s similar to many industries, e.g. coffee beans, palm oil, even things like reading a book. Are we to shun all industries because of its direct or indirect effect? What we need to do is stop consuming in masses. If everyone ate just a little bit less, the industries could potentially change to reflect the demand. Many have asked whether I would eat animal products knowing where it came from, and I’ve said yes. The industry does need an overhaul, but I’m comfortable enough thinking that perhaps my diet does not. I’m not quite comfortable with having a strict, rule based diet full of restrictions. By eating a lot less, it’s still making a difference.


There’s no doubt in my mind that pushing forward from today I will continue cooking only vegan dishes, as I have done the past few years. The change I will make however is to opt for vegan options where available, but not to turn food down if it isn’t vegan. The frequency of eating vegan will be a lot more than eating animal produce. However, I’m ready to relax this rule.


The vegan diet has by far made me feel healthier. I still disagree with the industrial manner of producing animal product. Therefore, my diet will continue to be predominantly vegan. However, I hate wasting food and am not totally against the concept of consuming animal products. I’m just going to decide on each meal as it comes. There’s no need to label or stick to strict guidelines, but just to feel comfortable with how you eat.

What am I now? Well, just someone who eats.

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