Running Away to Matsuyama


A few weeks ago, I was starting to feel fed up. Fed up with a lot of things, and those things were beginning to tire me out. I knew that a three day weekend was coming up, so I made sure to take advantage. I looked up the cheapest flights and it led me to Matsuyama, Japan.

Rocky Start


On the first day, I borrowed a bike without gears and headed for Gogoshima. It was a 10km ride in the scorching heat to the port, followed by many unforeseen mountains. In fact, one is aptly named Kofuji Mountain (small Mt. Fuji). The island was stunning and despite the hell-ish climbs, I managed to find a secluded beach to chill out for a bit. I ended up getting sunburnt and hurt my foot pretty badly on a rock, but a good start overall.

Cat Comfort


I took a trip to Aoshima, which is famed for being a cat island. The train there was stunning, gently rocking side to side along the bright blue ocean. Seeing the cats were both comforting and saddening. A lot of the cats and kittens warmed up to people easily, but certainly not with each other; quite evident with their injuries.



This trip initially felt like I was running away again. In essence, it was running away from reality for a few days. Don’t most people take holidays for that sole reason? The trip reminded me a lot of my past and gave me time to reflect. There are many difficult things that continue to crop up from the past, but the future is looking bright. Balancing the ability to deal and move forward from the difficult past to the bright future is no easy task, no matter how many inspirational quotes crop up on your Facebook news feed. Briefly running away is not cowardly, but therapeutic. It is certainly something I need to do more often.

Here I am, coming to the end of the trip. I am currently sat by the ocean, watching clouds sweep at an incredible speed over Small Mt. Fuji. I have ten minutes left before heading back towards the airport. This is a good final view before going back to reality.

Clouds sweeping over Kofuji

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