Changing My Life Years Ago

Never to be found in London

Crazy Idea

Almost 5 years ago, I was sat in a psychology lecture at University, listening to some alumni members talking about their experiences as an assistant language teacher in Japan. I thought that would be cool for like a year or so, and here I am now after over 4 years of living in Japan.


I didn’t know whether I’d actually make it to Japan. I had submitted my application, got accepted, and all ready to go. A few weeks before departure, the horrific earthquake hit with the devastating tsunami. My eyes were glued to different sources, trying to find hope of the area being safe. The place I would live for the first time was in the affected area. In the end, I decided it would be just fine and headed to Osaka on my redirected flight.


I remember being told that I would be moving to a big city. What I ended up was a road with a few buildings along it. I wasn’t too sure if I could survive there for a year, but I tried my best. Thankfully a friend had a car that helped get us around. A year was long enough, and now here I am living in Kansai, Japan.


I never expected to be where I am now. The person I was 4 years ago is certainly not the person I am now. I feel more comfortable in tricky situations. I am less likely to panic in unfamiliar situations. Doing things for me even if alone has taken priority. I have seen things and done things I never could have imagined if I had stayed in London.

Was it a good choice to move abroad? That’s a hard question to answer but I’d like to think YES.

Interesting experiences
Stunning views

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