Poop Heaven

It’s probably not the first thing that crosses one mind when thinking about how to spend a Saturday afternoon, but a few weeks ago I prodded along to a poo exhibition.

The first room brings you an animated toilet with a large, long turd inside. The toilet has a face, and it starts talking to me. The toilet is not very happy with the way humans treat toilets. Apparently, we bully them by calling them names like “stinky” and “dirty”. The toilet explains how it wants to be our friend, and I move forward ashamed for my species.


The next few rooms show different types of toilets around the world, and in space. They even show a scale of different types of poo, and they are scaled based on the amount of meat, vegetables, and moisture is included in your diet. The perfect poo would be regarded as a “Super-unchi” (Super Poo). Admittedly, I was rather proud that mine came relatively close as opposed to the one that can only be described as a splat (too much moisture and meat).


Some rooms were promoting hygiene education, and displaying some of the projects that have been a success in some less developed areas.


And then there was the finale. The ultimate room. I walked around a corner which revealed a giant toilet. An assistant gave me a poo hat to wear and I climbed a ladder. I took my position at the top of the toilet and slid all the way down, whilst being accompanied by a flushing sound. What a way to end the exhibition!


But wait! There was more! The final room displayed a stage full of toilets, all happy that they can now be friends with humans. To show their appreciation, they serenaded us with a musical piece titled 「ありがトイレ」(a mash up of words that essentially mean “Thank You Toilet). I didn’t get a chance to record it as I was watching in awe, but here is a video below I found on YouTube.

This was a temporary exhibition in Osaka, Japan, but I hear it tours around Japan. A must see if it poops (pops) by your neighbourhood!

One thought on “Poop Heaven

  1. hahahaha this place though. We have one in Vietnam as well and it’s pretty strange eating a chocolate ice cream in a toilet bowl like you’re eating crap haha

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