Buzzing Jeepneys

Public transportation can always be an interesting factor of travelling in a new country. Getting from A to B in a manner other than the Underground or using the usual buses can initially seem daunting, but allows you to experience first hand an element of local life you otherwise won’t get by using a tour bus.


One experience was when I used a jeepney in Manila, Philippines. The metropolis was huge and the jeepneys confusing. Luckily I had stayed with a couchsurfer to help me along the way.

Jeepneys are old war trucks converted into unique looking buses. They don’t necessarily have bus stops but they stop along a prescribed route to pick people up and let them off when requested. Sitting at the very back or even hanging off the edge at 40mph with another car right behind you is an exhilarating way of getting across the city.

Ditch the boring tour buses and embrace the local transport. Almost always cheaper, and far more memorable.

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