My Home Away

Just took a trip to Hong Kong for the New Year period and a few thoughts came to me.

First, I could get used to Hong Kong. This time was rather different to previous trips where I quickly tired of the place. This time felt more comfortable. The place offers a lot of home comforts from Fish ‘n’ Chips to the Bourbon Biscuits I’m currently munching on. You should see my apartment now: stacked full of M&S snacks! The buses thunder down the road and swerve between whatever comes across it, much like in London. It’s busy and it’s lively. It’s also convenient.

There are elements of Hong Kong that are quite different to the UK, but I welcome. The streets smell of food. Wherever you go, there is a wonderful (though sometimes not so wonderful) waft keeping you hungry. January felt like a fresh spring day with birds chirping and the bright sun beaming down. I never thought of Hong Kong having stunning countryside areas, but the mountainous areas even on Hong Kong Island itself as well as the surrounding islands are so easy to get to and are just stunning.

Secondly, it really hit me how I quite dislike big holidays such as Christmas and New Years. I understand to some degree that it might be one of the very few opportunities in which many people are able to take a break at the same time, and therefore makes an important holiday. But I am shocked at how it has taken over the many countries that have little or no Christian faith at all (in the example of Christmas). I also don’t understand why people are essentially forced to enjoy themselves or to celebrate during the “festive period”. Forcing you to celebrate a holiday takes the magic and fun out of it in my opinion. Also, why limit festive periods to the very few holidays that we have? We should be feeling celebratory as often as possible for the fact that we are alive and well. If not, then for some other hopefully positive reason that you can find in yourself.

So, to sum up… love Hong Kong – will be back soon, and hate the holidays. Here’s to 2017!

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