Beach Paradise in Kyoto

No need to fly to Okinawa or even the Carribean to find a beach paradise close to home (even… Kyoto!).

When most people think of local beaches around the Kansai area, they might think of those stunning beaches on Biwa Lake. However, they can be quite overcrowded and even expensive to enter during the peak season. I was reluctant to share this alternative beach paradise as I wanted to keep this a secret to myself, but I figured I should share the love and knowledge of this beauty.

The gem is known as Kotohiki Beach, located on the side of Sea of Japan in the Kyoto prefecture. Stunning golden white sand can be seen for miles and though the water is rough, there is a crescent if you walk far enough with stunning views of towering cliffs and slightly calmer waters. Granted I didn’t go during the peak season, but the crowds were fairly low, and there were plenty of places to relax.

Beautiful view of the beach


There is also a hidden secret past the beach itself. If you walk far enough, there is hidden an outdoor rotenburo made out of rock perched on the beach. If the water is too cold, dip yourself into this (sweltering I might add…) rotenburo and enjoy the views of the beach. It’s also facing west, so if you go towards the end of the afternoon, you may catch the sun setting behind a mountain across the water.

This is just a stunning, relaxing paradise close to home (if you’re in Kansai…)

Directions: From Kyoto station, take the JR to Miyazu Station and transfer onto the Kyoto Tango Railway for Amino Station. Either walk or take a bus to the beach. To be honest, driving there is easier but you will be asked to pay for parking for the day (¥‎1000).

Relaxing until the late afternoon…

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