Food Food Food in Vietnam

Vietnamese food can be accessed in many countries around the world, but you really have to visit Vietnam itself to truly appreciate the deliciousness of the dishes on offer.

Strong flavours…


All the flavours in Vietnam are full and strong. Most restaurants I’ve been to abroad seem to dumb the flavours down a little. The garlic is pleasantly pungent, the sweet chilli sauce altering the flavours of the original dish, and the mish-mash of flavours executing a war in your mouth before you sign an executive order to swallow them down.

As we weren’t sure where to eat on our first trip to Ho Chih Minh, we started at the Street Food Market in the centre of the city. I’ll admit… I knew it would be a tourist hot-spot / trap but it was a good start nevertheless to trying a range of flavours. Whilst I wouldn’t wholeheartedly recommend the place, there is variety that’s for sure (at a slight price jump too).

Fresh herbs!

You really need to find a simple pho restaurant. This is where you can explore the strong, wonderful flavours of Vietnam. The noodle dish can be altered by the herb plate they offer. In it contains a range of contrasting herbs from your typical coriander to things I don’t even know or recognise. All to add punch after punch of variety.

Vietnam is wonderful for its culinary expertise. If you want to give your tongue a workout, go to Vietnam!


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