Castaway on Nagannu Island 

To get a taste of being castaway on a tropical island, take a trip to Nagannu Island.

I booked this trip in advance online and took my reservation to the port in Naha. Unfortunately the trip comes as a package deal where lunch is served in a hut and all of the passengers are ferried together. However, once you are there, the freedom to roam and get lost is easy enough. It’s one of the uninhabited islands in the Okinawa prefecture, and if you walk away from everyone long enough, you’ll feel alone and at peace.

After consuming the BBQ feast provided, I took a walk away from everyone relaxing on the beach to a rocky part of the island. The sun was burning down onto my skin and there was nowhere to hide. The sand added to the extreme brightness on the island as I balanced my way down to the water. Bottles and other debris had washed up onto the island which is rather unfortunate, but somehow complimented the Hollywood look of an uninhabited island. The voices of others became a distant blur and instead, the sound of the water gently caressing the rocks took over. I stared out into the distance to clear my head as I listened to the waves. All alone, it felt peaceful. Just nothing – I was a castaway. 

The package trip does include optional activities such as seabed walking, which is nice to try out but the biggest draw for me is the opportunity to be alone on this rock, away from the hustle. My recommendation: pay the cheapest fare and get lost. 

Visit their website for more information.

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