The Seaside Town of Whitby

The seaside town of Whitby has been made famous by the tale of Dracula. But rather being a town of horror, this idyllic town offers the best of what a British seaside can offer.

The road through the Yorkshire Moors

Take a bus from Leeds or York and thunder through the Yorkshire Moors to get to Whitby. The bus is a better option than the train not only for the convenience as the trains do not run very often but also for the stunning views. Go to the upstairs deck of the double decker bus and feel the simulation of a rollercoaster ride through the beautiful British countryside.


One of the must-sees of Whitby is the abbey itself. The ghastly image of Whitby Abbey itself was the inspiration behind Dracula. Once you get off the bus, cross the bridge and turn right into the cobbled street. Go straight until you meet a steep staircase. Ascend to see the stunning views of the ruins of the abbey, and the town below. If you want to get up and personal with the abbey, entrance fees apply. However, the cemetery nearby is free of charge to roam and take in the spectacular views of the sea crashing into the beach below.

Whitby Abbey

Alongside the historic abbey, Whitby is also famous for its British delicacies. Many British seaside towns offer the freshest fish around for a good meal of fish and chips. However, my favourite is the scampi and chips served at the Quayside restaurant. It is in a prime location where you can buy a good portion size to take quickly with you to enjoy on the pier or the beach.


Other recommendations include walking. It’s a very small town but walking around and exploring the town is the best way to enjoy the beautiful town. Make sure you don’t miss the last bus back or you’ll be stuck! I do miss the UK when I see photos like these… Places like Whitby remind me that UK is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. All you need to do is get away from the boring cities and head into the countryside. The people are friendly, the food is good, and the views are quite simply breathtaking.

Sun setting on Whitby

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