Jetting around Brunei in a Water Taxi

For the price of 1 Brunei Dollar, you could take a water taxi and jet across the waters of central Brunei.


Forget the tour that they offer for tourists. That is most definitely not worth the money despite the fact that they will take you around the water village and other parts outside of the city centre. Just hail one of the water taxis and for 1 Brunei Dollar, you could ask the driver to take you to one particular destination in the city. It’s 2 dollars for anywhere outside of the city centre, so if you request enough destinations, you would be able to cover a vast area just like the tour itself, with the bonus of getting off at each destination for a quick wander.

Boarding one of the taxis can be very worrisome. The front tip of the boat will just hover over the stairs leading from any station to the water. It’s then up to you to mount the boat as it sways. Don’t expect the driver of the boat to wait for you to sit as they will start moving away from the port once a foot graces the boat. As you balance your way down to the seats, hold on to your belongings tight as you may drop something in the water thanks to the swaying.

The drivers themselves don’t exactly make things easier after boarding the boat. Unless you’re holding on tight, there is a good chance you will fall into the water as the driver navigates around other taxis and takes sharp turns at every opportunity at full speed.


Be aware that taxi drivers may not come voluntarily to some of the stations far from the city centre. This happened to me at one point as I waited for a water taxi at the station outside my hotel. Firefighters who were using the station for their own business saw me waiting for a long time and after some friendly conversation, actually offered me a ride to the centre. Very kind!

There are a few key things I will remember from my trip to Brunei. The crazy water taxis that will get you everywhere, and the immensely kind people of Brunei.

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