The Divine Cuisine of Brunei

The first morning I was in Brunei, I was desperate to eat something. I had slept at the airport the night before and I was super hungry. Then I fell in love with Bruneian cuisine.


Baby Kailan


To be able to eat a dish for 1 Brunei Dollar is something out of this world. To think that 1 dollar here is the equivalent exchange rate of 1 Singaporean dollar, you start to realise how overpriced Singapore is, and how incredibly cheap Brunei is. My absolute favourite is the Baby Kailan (Baby Cailand according to the menu on here…). Sauteed vegetables sound super simple but sometimes simple is best. It was just purely divine, and I went back for more another day.


Other curries and roti were also available at similar prices. Those not accustomed to eating this for breakfast might think it heavy, but it was a perfect start to the day. Needless to say, I vacuumed the menu down before embarking on my adventures for the day.


You might not think of Brunei as cuisine heaven. Perhaps Malaysia or Singapore in the same region. But this underrated culinary hotspot is one to visit – just don’t share it like I did to ensure it is a well-kept secret.

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