Osaka – Wakkanai – A 4-day trip on the local trains in Japan

Today will be the start of a 4-day trip from Osaka in the heart of Japan to the northernmost station in Japan: Wakkanai, in Hokkaido. The days will be long, and perhaps tiring, but it would be an interesting challenge to achieve. It is also the season of the Seishun 18 kippu, which gives the holder of the lucky ticket unlimited travel on the local JR lines for a maximum of either 5 days or 5 people. Each stamped area will represent a day of travel for one individual, for a maximum of 5 stamps. There is room for flexibility here which is what makes it a great train pass. Anyone can purchase the ticket, regardless of nationality, but it is only available at certain times of the year, and you will not be able to use special express trains or the Shinkansen.

Check out the Google Maps below for the route I hope to achieve over the 4-day period.

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