Day 2 Osaka – Wakkanai

An early start once again. My train left at 6:48am precisely from Shibata station. The weather was sunnier than yesterday but getting colder the further north I go. The views from the train overlooking the Sea of Japan is somewhat nice, but not what I had hoped. It’s a little grey, but that might also be due to some of the clouds overhead. The winds are strong and so the waves are lashing around. 


It has been a beautiful day, full of sun and gorgeous views. However, as the train thunders down the tracks, it’s hard to take a photograph that does the view any justice. Snow capped mountains morphs into snow covered everything. Thank goodness I am in the warmth of the train carriages, though sometimes I welcome the open doors for fresh air. I have noticed some familiar faces following me on the long distances and changing to the same trains as I. Either they are attempting a similar challenge, or I have myself a few groupies. 


It just gets colder the closer I get. Still in Honshu, and this would be the final view I have before heading to Hokkaido for the first time. The final train ride in Honshu offered some of the best views with the sun setting. It was just wonderful. Waiting here for almost two hours was not the best though, with nothing to entertain anyone here. The closest convenience store was a car drive away according to the station staff. Netflix it is… 


The first station I have ever had the pleasure to set foot in in Hokkaido. I have never been to Hokkaido until this date, and now I can finally say I have been to all of the 4 main islands of Japan, plus Okinawa. Waiting for the final train of the day in the darkness that gulfs the town, and I am looking forward to the hotel I have booked tonight in Hakodate. Goodnight all, until tomorrow! 

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