Day 4 Osaka – Wakkanai

It was a very early start to the day. A 6:03am train from Asahikawa took me on a 6hrs journey to the final destination that is Wakkanai. A great challenge finally accomplished, and a chance to visit a place I’ve longed to see: the northernmost part of Japan. Well, the actual northernmost part of Japan is Cape Soya, and provided I find public transportation to get there, I will be able to achieve that goal. Nevertheless, a 4-day journey all on local trains to the top of Hokkaido is great in itself. 


Made it to Wakkanai! First impression – well it’s bloody cold that’s for sure, but again, thankfully not bitter. I put my bag at the hotel and got a bus ticket to the northernmost point in Japan. What’s curiously interesting here is that all of the signs of course are written in Japanese, but also have English and Russian translations to accompany the text. 

For now, the train journey has ended. It is very possible to come here on the Seishun 18 Kippu and though it takes time, I recommend it. I have one more day of validity left and that’ll be used to get to the airport in Sapporo for my flight home. 

Until the next post, goodbye for now! If you can follow the adventure on Instagram at @myairportramblings, that would be fab! If not, I’ll post an update about this trip much much later. 

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