Beach Life

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has happened since I ventured out to the northernmost part of Japan by the means of the local trains and a cheap train pass. As spring, and subsequently summer approached, I’ve tried to head to the beaches more often. First a bike ride around Biwa Lake over two days stopping by some glorious private beach spots, and afterwards heading to Okinawa for a tropical weekend in the sun. 

I’ve always considered myself to be a city person. I’ve tried living in the countryside but it has always been too tough for me to adjust. However, the experience has left me wanting to escape the city more and more. The convenience of living in the city trumps that of living away. It’s just… easier. 

But is it always easier? I’ve started to reassess where my life is heading. I’ve always been taught by outsiders to my life that success is measured by the academic outcome, and thus the career progression. I’ve pushed for both and have done well for myself in both areas, but the effort almost seems wasted if satisfaction isn’t a result of both roads. I’ve written and directed a number of productions to my name, designed and built a theatre space, and have reached managerial positions within the performing arts. To base a measurement tool on the two roads mentioned, achieving that and more before the age of 30 alongside a university degree is success beyond expectations. But I question whether it is true success. 

A lot of what I do (writing, directing, and performing) is part of my passion, combined with travelling and photography – yes, there is true success and and I am satisfied to a degree. But I’ve always wanted to push out of the conforming system to find success. This is where the beach life link comes in. Visiting and seeing those who live by the beach (an example for this article – basically outside of the city) live a life of satisfaction and happiness away from the system driven down your throat in the cities does seem appealing. Sure, it’s a different form of conformation to a system, but it’s an appealing one. Some look happier than a lot of my surroundings peers. Less judgment, more free time. 

Is the beach somewhere I would feel comfortable calling home? Is giving up what I’ve worked for under one system worth such a big change? It might seem like a “step down” all together, especially since the vocabulary that pops up are ones such as “giving up” – perhaps a change in mindset is necessary to make it a “success”…

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