Remembering Rome

After landing in Rome, it didn’t take me long to remember what life was like back in Europe. Living in Japan for so long, despite my roots being European (technically), there comes a time where you become desensitized to cultures outside of Asia, and perhaps more specifically, Japan.


I know, I know… The UK is a tad different to the Mediterranean life in Rome, but there was still a part of me that felt right at home. It felt as if I was visiting a long lost relative or a childhood home that I loved. Though this was not the first time in Italy for me, it was the first for Rome. The excitement still bubbled inside as we set out to explore the winding, historic streets of Rome.


The last part of the ending sentence in the previous paragraph is possibly something that stuck with me during the trip. Historic streets. It was stunning to just walk through cobbled streets with buildings standing the test of time hovering over me.

Remembering Rome.

It’s almost as if I am remembering home.

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