The Old Capital of Thailand

Forget Bangkok! I took a trip to the old capital of Thailand: Ayutthaya. OK, there were a lot of tourists and yes it’s a tourist hot-spot. But sometimes there’s a good reason as to why, and a short trip is worth it. I took the train from Bangkok Station with a paper ticket in my […]

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Becoming Indiana Jones

There is a small forest park located just at the back of Wat Tham Sui in Krabi. Whilst most people climb the famous 1237 steps to the top of the mountain, they tend to leave it at that. This makes the forest a great addition as there will be less people. There was a staircase […]

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1237 Steps

I made it. 1237 steps doesn’t seem like a lot. In fact, I thought that it would be a piece of piss but even though I drank a lot of water, I couldn’t take a piss for the sheer fact that I had sweated everything out. Some of the steps were steep up to my […]

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