Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Thank you again for always following My Airport Ramblings. Just wanted to let you know that Cinderella – an original adaptation, first performed in Osaka, Japan and with music and choreography from Gordon Hyppolite, is now out to purchase from Blurb, Amazon, Abebooks, The Book Depository etc. etc. […]

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A sad day for Malaysian aviation. Third plane gone missing and this time it was an Air Asia flight. I’ve been using the airline the past couple of weeks frequently and there has been some rough patches in the weather throughout S.E. Asia. I can only hope that the people on the flight are somewhere […]

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RSD Julien

Dear Points of View, It’s really sad to see this video making its rounds on Facebook. There are not a lot of foreign people living in Japan when compared to many other countries such as the UK, but it seems that Japan is opening up to foreign nationals living here with easing of immigration laws […]

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My Airport Ramblings

Hey! My name is Robert Kodama, and I am a travel writer and photographer. As professional as I’d like to be at it, I do this because I enjoy it. So, thanks for coming to my rambling spot. After graduating from University, I decided to venture out into the world and live in a foreign […]

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