Day 2 Osaka – Wakkanai

An early start once again. My train left at 6:48am precisely from Shibata station. The weather was sunnier than yesterday but getting colder the further north I go. The views from the train overlooking the Sea of Japan is somewhat nice, but not what I had hoped. It’s a little grey, but that might also […]

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Day 1 Osaka – Wakkanai

It’s currently 11:00am and I am sat in a stationary train at Hammamatsu Station. I left my flat at 5:30am this morning and have been on a train since 6:04am precisely. The connections so far have been mere minutes as I scramble to make the next trains. One miss and it would throw off the […]

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Follow me as I ramble my way on local trains for a 4 day trip from Osaka to Wakkanai (the northernmost train station in Japan).

March 14th – March 21st.

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