5 Reasons to use a Bus in Osaka

1. The View Most people in Osaka use the trains to get around. The subway system covers the city very well and it’s fast. The JR loop line connects major spots around Osaka with frequent trains. Other companies such as Keihan and Hankyu connects Osaka to other parts of Kansai. However, the majority of the […]

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Running Down a Mountain in HK

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, hiking is probably the last thing to pop up into someone’s mind. Skyscrapers, shopping, and restaurants are probably some of the more popular ideas that come to mind. However, having frequented Hong Kong a few times before, something different was in order. Google Maps helped me tremendously this time […]

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Crashing Weddings in KL

I took the directions I received from my Couchsurfer the old fashioned way (the back of a receipt) and strolled down to the bus stop. It was a beautiful morning in Kuala Lumpur; not too hot and certainly not too humid. Messages are being read out to the public via loudspeakers attached on nearby mosques. […]

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