The Serene Beauty of Myokensan

Japan is a mountainous country, and nobody can deny this claim. Hikers are everywhere, tackling the natural beauty this country has to offer. You don’t need to venture out to Mt Fuji or take the pilgrimage walk of Kumano Kodo to fully appreciate the wonders of the mountains in Japan. I took a train from […]

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1237 Steps

I made it. 1237 steps doesn’t seem like a lot. In fact, I thought that it would be a piece of piss but even though I drank a lot of water, I couldn’t take a piss for the sheer fact that I had sweated everything out. Some of the steps were steep up to my […]

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Running Down a Mountain in HK

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, hiking is probably the last thing to pop up into someone’s mind. Skyscrapers, shopping, and restaurants are probably some of the more popular ideas that come to mind. However, having frequented Hong Kong a few times before, something different was in order. Google Maps helped me tremendously this time […]

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Summits & Suicides

It is 4am. I couldn’t get much sleep throughout the night and the alarm decides to blast itself at 4am. I slowly open my eyes and stare at the ceiling. It seems so far away as I am lying on the floor. Well, on the futon which is basically the floor. I suddenly remember why […]

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