I’m sat in front of Mall of Asia (MOA) on my last day in the Philippines. I have quite a bit of time left until my flight but am too tired to do much else than sit. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about the Philippines that I like. Last time I […]

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Plunging into Pitch Black

This really is experiencing island life. A monsoon hit Boracay this evening and swept the whole island. The monsoon type weather lasted for a couple of hours and then stopped. So did all of the power along with it. I am sat in pitch black dark with this iPad as the only source of light […]

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Writing and recording your travel moments can sometimes lead you to forget what’s good in your own backyard. My backyard currently sits facing Osaka, Japan but I always consider London to be my permanent home. I’m meeting a friend to talk about good places to eat in London today. I know – you must think […]

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