Tips for Travelling in Myanmar

​ Here are some brief tips for travelling to Myanmar… Get an e-visa online to speed up immigration if your passport allows for it. Do not exchange currency at Yangon Airport (perhaps except for US$ – this seems to be fine). You’re looking at a loss of 20-30%+. Ask a taxi driver to stop at […]

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The Cultural Pancake

​Before arriving in Myanmar, I knew that the country wouldn’t have Burmese people in the same way that… well, let’s say Japan has Japanese people. But I suppose I didn’t really KNOW know what a mixture the country would be like. It’s like the country is made up of a strong mixture of various ingredients […]

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Myanmar Madness

​The flight arrived at Yangon International Airport after being subjected to quite a sum of turbulence. Being the prepared individual that I am, having registered for an e-visa meant that immigration was straight forward. Trying to exchange JPY at the airport was a bad idea, and thankfully I eventually went against it. Actually, a tip […]

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Buzzing Jeepneys

Public transportation can always be an interesting factor of travelling in a new country. Getting from A to B in a manner other than the Underground or using the usual buses can initially seem daunting, but allows you to experience first hand an element of local life you otherwise won’t get by using a tour […]

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Single Ladies Course

A friend bought me a book detailing different cycling routes around the Kansai area not too long ago. Since then, we tried a crazy route up and down a gravelly mountain that was incredibly tough. I also fell off the mountain (perhaps slight exaggeration) going down a steep slope. As a result, we had another […]

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Poop Heaven

It’s probably not the first thing that crosses one mind when thinking about how to spend a Saturday afternoon, but a few weeks ago I prodded along to a poo exhibition. The first room brings you an animated toilet with a large, long turd inside. The toilet has a face, and it starts talking to […]

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