Remembering Rome

After landing in Rome, it didn’t take me long to remember what life was like back in Europe. Living in Japan for so long, despite my roots being European (technically), there comes a time where you become desensitized to cultures outside of Asia, and perhaps more specifically, Japan. I know, I know… The UK is […]

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Happy New Year to everyone reading this. Thank you again for always following My Airport Ramblings. Just wanted to let you know that Cinderella – an original adaptation, first performed in Osaka, Japan and with music and choreography from Gordon Hyppolite, is now out to purchase from Blurb, Amazon, Abebooks, The Book Depository etc. etc. […]

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Beach Life

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A lot has happened since I ventured out to the northernmost part of Japan by the means of the local trains and a cheap train pass. As spring, and subsequently summer approached, I’ve tried to head to the beaches more often. First a bike ride around Biwa Lake […]

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Day 4 Osaka – Wakkanai

It was a very early start to the day. A 6:03am train from Asahikawa took me on a 6hrs journey to the final destination that is Wakkanai. A great challenge finally accomplished, and a chance to visit a place I’ve longed to see: the northernmost part of Japan. Well, the actual northernmost part of Japan […]

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Day 3 Osaka – Wakkanai

In many respects, what I have seen of Hokkaido so far reminds me of the northern countryside parts of the UK, with added mountains. The views continue to stun as we gently rock our way through the mountains in this military grade machinery they call a one-man-car train. The whole train consists of one sole […]

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Day 2 Osaka – Wakkanai

An early start once again. My train left at 6:48am precisely from Shibata station. The weather was sunnier than yesterday but getting colder the further north I go. The views from the train overlooking the Sea of Japan is somewhat nice, but not what I had hoped. It’s a little grey, but that might also […]

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Day 1 Osaka – Wakkanai

It’s currently 11:00am and I am sat in a stationary train at Hammamatsu Station. I left my flat at 5:30am this morning and have been on a train since 6:04am precisely. The connections so far have been mere minutes as I scramble to make the next trains. One miss and it would throw off the […]

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